A Life Lesson in Conservative Ideals

I was watching a few of the Sunday news shows today. Kyle was there with me.  He had to stay home from Church because of a fever the last few days. All the shows were covering the SC primary, and I got a chance to give Kyle a little lesson in conservative versus liberal values.

He asked me if I liked President Obama. I thought a moment how I might answer this, because I didn’t want it to sound like it’s a personal thing for me, because it’s not. I told him I didn’t like his ideas. He asked what I didn’t like. I explained  that the President believes that it’s the government’s job to take care of people’s needs, and that he believes he should be able to take a lot of money from others who earned it in order to do this. He also thinks it’s not fair that there are some people who have more money than other people. I explained further that I believed that individuals need to take care of most of their needs on their own, and that having the government take money from others just to try to make things fair for everyone doesn’t work.

I gave him an example. I said “You know how you work hard in school to be one of the best readers and to get good grades. It would be like your teacher saying: ‘It’s not fair that Kyle and a few other students get all the A’s. We’re going to take some of their A’s and give them to other students’, even if those students aren’t working as hard”. I could tell from Kyle’s face that he knew that wouldn’t be fair at all.

I said that’s what the President wants to do. He thinks it’s unfair that people who work hard and earn a lot of money have more money than those who don’t. He wants to take some of their money and give it to other people, even if they don’t work hard or don’t work at all.  I told him when you do that, the people who don’t work hard care less and less about working at all, because they know the government is going to give them other people’s money. They start to expect it, and get mad if they don’t get it. Eventually, the people who work hard will stop working that hard, because the government comes and takes their money and gives it to others who aren’t working. You’d probably stop working as hard in class if the teacher gave your A’s to someone else. He got this.

I explained that as Christians, we voluntarily choose to give money to those who are poor. He said, “Like when mommy gives some money to the man who’s ringing the bell in front of the store”.  I said yes, but if it was the President and others who think like him, they would reach in mommy’s pocket, take her money, and give it to the man instead–or maybe someone else, whether he really needed it or not.  He got this, too.

It was a great teaching moment. I pray that he’ll understand as he grows up that nothing in this life will be handed to him, and that he’ll appreciate the satisfaction of earning something when he works hard. I also pray that we can take back our government so that the ideals of hard work and individual responsibility and can be lived out by him and all our children in the future.

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