Chicken, Intolerance, and a Costly Cup of Free Water

Record numbers "eat mor chikin" in support of Chick-fil-A on August 1, 2012

I’m sure you’re well aware of the firestorm surrounding Dan Cathy and his company Chick-fil-A. Wherever you stand on the issue of same-sex marriage, there are a couple of things that are clear from all of this. First, most liberals (at least the most vocal ones) don’t have a clue what the word tolerance means. Second, one’s words and actions have consequences.

Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A, made some personal comments in a Christan magazine indicating his support for traditional marriage.  This should not be a shock to most people. He is a bible-believing Christian who runs his company according to his Christian beliefs and values. You can’t get a Chick-fil-A sandwich on Sunday.  Dan Cathy, following in his dad’s footsteps (Truett Cathy) makes sure all stores are closed on Sundays to honor that day of rest and to make it easier for his employees to attend church.  Less obvious to most is the Chick-fil-A corporate purpose statement which is: “To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.”

Now, as I said, there are consequences to actions. Truett Cathy, Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A make less money because their stores are closed on Sunday. They’re perfectly okay with that, because they’re being true to their the beliefs. There are also consequences to what Dan Cathy said about marriage. I suspect that he’s okay with that, too, and would be so even if there hadn’t been the unexpected consequence of record sales from Chick-fil-A Appreciation day.

If he’s disappointed at all, I’m sure it’s by the reaction of supposedly tolerant liberals who have no tolerance for his differing opinion. The mayors of Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco actually said that Chick-fil-A should stay out of their cities. As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel put it “Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago’s values.” I guess that’s his idea of tolerance.  I wonder if he and the other mayors would prefer that all of their citizens who affirm traditional marriage leave town. Maybe all other christian-based businesses should be barred. Maybe churches should be booted out, too. Yet, I suspect they would welcome a new mosque or Muslim-owned business in the name of religious tolerance, while ignoring Islamic views on homosexuality.

And, for the final lesson in intolerance and consequences, here is a video of a guy who was so clueless about what tolerance is, that he confronts a Chick-fil-A employee at the drive-through because the beliefs of Dan Cathy don’t match up with his own. She shows remarkable patience, and should get a raise. He got what he deserves. Sure, he’s entitled to his opinion, but he obviously doesn’t think anyone else is, and was proud to video tape the whole thing and post it on YouTube. To its credit, his former employer does understand what the word tolerance means and promptly fired him for his lack of it.  Here’s the company’s press release.

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