Tebow’s Super Bowl ad not Super

Like most everyone in the country, I was parked in front of a TV last night watching the Super Bowl. I don’t have time to watch a lot football, so I am glad when I get a chance to actually see a whole game, and this was a pretty good one. What’s especially fun about the Super Bowl is that the ads between plays are often more entertaining then the game.  This year, I think the game won. I was pretty disappointed in many of the ads. Most that were supposed to be funny weren’t, and some were downright stupid. I’m sad to say that I was most disappointed in Pam and Tim Tebow’s ad that Focus on the Family sponsored.

I was looking forward to it, and was hoping that it would provide somewhat of a case, even if a low-key one, for the pro-life position. Instead, it was not compelling at all. I guess that’s hard to do in thirty seconds if you’re trying to do a soft-sell, which I’m sure is necessary if you have a prayer of getting it on the air. Still, if you blinked, you would have missed it; and, if you had paid attention and didn’t know what it was about, I don’t think you would come away with anything besides the fact that Tim Tebow’s mom loves him, and vice versa. A nice message, to be sure, but not an effective message against abortion. I can only pray that God led some people to go to the Focus on the Family link referenced in the ad to get the full story.

If you didn’t see the ad, you can watch it below, along with a counter ad that did not air that was filmed for Planned Parenthood. The Tebow ad is the version that ran during the first quarter of the game, and it had a cute slapstick element that added some humor, but it was still not an effective piece for the pro-life message. In fact, if it were not for all the controversy surrounding the ad that the pro-abortion crowd stirred up before the game (see my previous post), this ad would have been a non-event.

Of course, Planned Parenthood filmed a response featuring Sean James and Al Joyner before the Tebow ad even aired. In it, James says he respects and supports Pam’s decision; but, he adds that his mom taught him that only women can make the best decisions about their health and future.  Joyner says he wants to live in a world where every woman’s decision is respected, and he is proud as he watches his little girl grow up to be a smart, confident young woman.  He “trusts her to take care of herself.”

That all sounds really nice. Let’s just note that if Sean James’ mother had decided after getting pregnant that she didn’t want a child in her future, that Sean would not have been around to film that response.  Of course, the same goes for Al Joyner. Also, abortion isn’t simply over when it’s over. It affects the woman and her loved ones forever. I have to wonder how Al would feel if some day his daughter decides to take the life of his grandchild before he or she is born.  I  think the gravity of his position would hit home at that point. You can see their counter ad below.

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