Intelleigent Design and Science Shoud Not be At Odds

Bill Nye the Science Guy

I was reading an article in Popular Mechanics, which is basically a Q & A with Bill Nye the Science Guy about whether evolution should be taught in schools. It highlights major misunderstandings that many in science have, including Mr. Nye, regarding the role of science, and the theory of intelligent design.

In the article Mr. Nye bemoans the fact that a recent survey showed “only 28% of teachers taught evolution as a well-supported fundamental idea of science”. This actually surprised me, because I thought far more teachers were toeing the line, and were teaching what they learned in their biology books years earlier. The survey also showed that 13% of teachers taught Intelligent Design exclusively, and 60% are somewhere in between.  He  characterizes this as “horrible”, saying “Science is the key to our future, and if you don’t believe in science, then you’re holding everybody back”. Read more…