Neal Boortz…coward or just a pompous “Big A”?

One of the reasons I decided to start blogging is I would see certain news items and feel a need to respond in some way. What better way to blow off that steam then to write down some of my thoughts. I suppose I could instead write down some stuff on a piece  of paper, roll it up, stick it in a bottle and toss it in the river. They say that can be cathartic. But, maybe this way a few people will actually read what I have to say, and might even comment.

One issue I feel strongly about is abortion. The coverage on the news is one-sided and generally never gets to the core question of the debate. The pro-life movement is depicted by images of radical protesters, bombed abortion clinics, and murdered doctors, while on the pro-choice side they present emotional stories of poor, unfortunate woman who are fighting for their rights to decide what they can do with their own bodies. Read more…

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